Saturday, June 09, 2007

In which the blog lives up to its name.

So. Socks. They suck. Or maybe I suck, and I just happen to be fighting a sock at the moment.

The yarn I'm fighting is Wildfoote yarn in the Mums colorway. I really love the color, and it's held up well so far to all the ripping. ;)

The first attempt was using size 1 dpns and Wendy's Toe-Up method. The whole provisional cast-on and short row thing Did Not Work for me, so I ripped it out, retried the same toe, then ripped again. The yarn and needles sat in their project bag for a couple months. Then..

Then, Interweave Knits Summer came out, and lo, there was a toe-up method that made sense to me. I cast on with size 2 dpns (because my gauge was too tiny on the 1's ugh, even though the fabric was nicer on the 1's), and it was going well.

The fit was promising.

And headway was made.

And then I spotted a dropped stitch a couple rows down. I spent a good fifteen minutes trying to fix it at BobaKnit, but it wasn't working. Having a crochet hook handy would have been helpful. :) But then I counted my stitches... and hooooo boy was I off. At that point I snapped a picture and ripped because, really, I didn't feel like fighting with it anymore.

So now, I'm back to just a skein of yarn. Alas. :( At least I'm making progress on the Binary scarf!

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Teenuh said...

goofball, ask for a crochet hook next time! I'm pretty sure I had one!! :)