Tuesday, April 17, 2007

In which she starts again.

Sigh. I knew I was going to frog it the moment I realized I was messing up (and then I re-re-re-read the instructions, and I was messing up a lot worse than I thought!), but that doesn't make it any easier to do! I put in a safety line, but I haven't done that before, and was going through ribbing, so it wasn't helpful beyond telling me to slow down the frogging process when I got close.

Back down to the ribbing, sigh.. I was at row 20 of the cabling before I frogged, and now I'm back up to row 6.

I think the travelling cables are looking better (since I'm following the pattern!), but I can't really tell yet. Hopefully they'll be fine, as I don't want to have to frog the whole thing again. >___>

On an unrelated note, Jenni linked me to Craftster, which I hadn't seen before. Oooo inspiration! But Lindsay, you need to get better at reading patterns before you start making up your own.. !!


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