Monday, April 09, 2007

In which things get colorful.

Because it's currently spring break, and because my sewing space is the shared living room and I don't feel like spending time with my roommate, I've been knitting! It's small, portable, (mostly) mindless, and doesn't involve interaction with others. ;)

This is Nezumi, in bright purple Wool-Ease. When I saw this pattern I immediately thought of Alisa (on the left) from my ren faire guild, so this will be for her. (The bright purple is because she got fabulous purple striped socks last year.. that she realized after the fact were Royal Purple and therefore couldn't be worn. XD) Of course, I probably won't give it to her until faire starts again, and since that isn't till the end of August, I shouldn't be working on this now.. but it's fun! And it's cabled!And it's really going incredibly fast, actually... I've got two skeins, so I'm thinking a pair of matching gloves/fingerless mitts with one of the cable motifs pulled from the hat.

With this hat, I'm experimenting with cabling without a cable needle. The cable fronts are much easier than the cable backs, but I can manage the c1b without a needle. The c2b's, on the other hand, elude me, so I still have to keep a cable needle on hand. Woe!

Also, I've been inspired by all the lovely stitch markers on etsy, but being a poor student I can't afford an awesome set. (See: Wool-Ease. XD) So I took some toggle clasps, jump rings, and nifty glass beads to make some of my own:

A lemon on the left, and a bunch of grapes on the right. The grapes are a lot more purple when they're not against purple! yarn, I swear. I'm really digging these, but the danglies get in the way when I'm slipping them, as they tend to sit on the back but I pass them to the front. Haven't quite figured out a way to slip them over smoothly, yet...


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Ankhet said...

Well, hey. You could sell the pretty stitch markers on Etsy! (heck, I'm starting to think I may make some and do that myself, to earn a few bucks into my Paypal, because there's some nice Hogwarts yarn on Etsy....but I digress.)

I'd buy a set!