Sunday, April 15, 2007

In which there are three kinds of people.

Nezumi's on hold for a bit, so I thought I'd share progress on my Binary scarf. This is what it looked like on December 15:

Exactly four months later, this is the progress on April 15:

I'm on character row 27. The pattern says to switch directions after row 30, but knowing that my favorite scarves are significantly longer than that, I'll extend the pattern until it feels like it's suitably long.. Hopefully not too much longer, as it takes half an hour to do a row. XD My favorite part, though, is the wrong side:

All that neat, even color stranding just makes me happy inside. :) Really though, I love colorwork, and I've got my eye on some Fair Isle after I finish this guy. That's at least a couple months off, though. ;)


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