Thursday, March 13, 2008

In which she is grumpy.

Well, doesn't that just take the cake! I've been working ever-so-diligently on the Hemlock Ring Throw (Ravelry link). Everything is going beautifully, despite the fact that it takes over 30 minutes to knit a round, thanks to the 500+ stitches on the needle.




The bind-off. Oh, bind-off, starter of a dozen threads on Ravelry. I thought I was thinking ahead, leaving a nice little cake with plenty of yardage for the lacy, yarn-consuming edge.


But then, halfway through the bind-off.. that happy little cake ran out. I knew it was going to happen two repeats ago, but in a fit of denial did I soldier on. Yeah, that worked. =____= So tonight I get to rip out the binding-off I've already done, then frog down two rows into the shawl and start again. YAY! Not.

Awesome! :)


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