Saturday, March 15, 2008

In which she must be patient.

After ripping out the bind-off and last two rows on Thursday, I was able to successfully finish binding off the Hemlock Ring Throw later that night. I've waited to block it, as really, where do you block a 4' circle when there are kids in the house? Answer: the bed. Unfortunately, I have this horrible habit of sleeping in the bed....


However, as I'll be out of town overnight, I'm taking this opportunity to spread towels over the bedspreads and pin this sucka out. It's still kinda puffy, but survey says: that's normal. I'll take a warm iron to it before I unpin the throw when I  get home Sunday night.


I'll make an official FO post early next week. So far, absolute adoration for this guy!


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Jamie/Moira said...

That is beautiful!